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Monday, May 01, 2006

Deadly humor

I read a joke in one of the recent Readers Digests. It was under the “Life in United States” section, which, purportedly, prints humorous situations that happened in real life.

Here is the joke (I am paraphrasing):

I was getting operated for a cataract. A nurse came in and asked, “What eye are we operating on today?”. I said “Right eye is the wrong eye, left eye is the right eye.”

Huh? Anybody with half a brain and any desire to have their ocular senses intact wouldn't try their hand at such deadly humor. We keep hearing horror stories about doctors operating on the wrong kidney or men receiving mastectomies. I wouldn't try such humor.

Think about the nurses too. They already have a very demanding job. They can live without people trying to joke about important things. If I were the nurse, I would say, “Ha, ha, very funny.” and write “vasectomy” on the charts.


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