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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Perpetually youthful Avatar

A long time ago, I was short-sighted enough to play with Yahoo! Avatars. Yahoo! Avatars are kind of an image you create that represents yourself. You can choose hair color, eye color, apparel, accessories and so on.

What Yahoo! failed to mention at that time was that creating an Avatar is like sticking chewing-gum in your own hair. You can pull your hair out, you can't get rid of it.

The Avatar is very annoying. To start with, it doesn't look anything like me. I haven't looked like that in 15 years. And I never had such circus-freak hair, even in my dreams. To top it all, this stupid guy, who claims to be me, sticks the tongue out and winks at me each time I log in into email!

I have been searching for a way to disconnect myself from that ghastly image. No way! I couldn't find a way to delete an Avatar.

So I looked for a way to at least change the Avatar so it looks like me and, for pete's sake, keeps the tongue in its pie hole. Then I realized. You can only create an Avatar that looks like a high-school drop-out all ready to work in McDonalds. There is no way to represent an older person. So I am stuck with this teenie-bopper image for now.

What's more is, these Avatars are very popular in Yahoo! Chat and it is so unfair to majority of chat population that there is no way to create an image of themselves. Yahoo! should allow the following options to be added to an Avatar, so people, who, I am sure, are dying to be honest with their representation of themselves, can use them for their Avatar.

- Balding hair
- Dark-circles under eyes
- Drool
- White-trash look
- While they are at #5, missing teeth
- Pot-belly
- Dont-worry-i-am-a-nice-uncle smile (for people preying on pre-teen girls)
- Women's clothes for men (for posing as women)
- Accessory: Porn tape collection
- Accessory: Divorce papers


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