Next stop, insanity

Saturday, April 29, 2006

This second is mine

A few years ago a colleague of mine said, "I am hooked on to blogging." I admonished him in a stern voice, "It is not appropriate to discuss illegal drugs at workplace." Then he explained to me in AOL-customer-service tone* what blogging is.

I tried my hand at a couple of blogs before and discontinued because of lack of time. But, in fact, blogging is like an addiction. I just can't stop thinking about starting a blog again.

A recent study said a new blog is started every second... my second has come.

*AOL-customer-service tone: "Sir, using your left mouse button, click on the "start" at the bottom left corner, point your mouse at programs and click your left mouse button, point your mouse at accessories and click again, point at Notepad and click." (You silently shout, "Just tell me to open the freaking notepad you moron.")