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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is your girlfriend a computer geek?

A colleague of mine narrated a funny story about how his girlfriend, who is a software engineer, got mad at his playing Solitaire all the time on the computer. She installed a parental control software to prevent opening games on their home computer and refused to give him the passcode. That prompted me to come up with the following list:

How can you tell if your girlfriend is a computer geek?
(You need to be a geek to enjoy this)

  • She always asks you, self-consciously, does my laptop look too fat?

  • She dumps you after she finds out your SIMS character cheated on her SIMS character

  • She describes a perfect date as, "At a romantic restaurant with good WiFi connectivity"

  • She emails you, "I am feeling kinky, can we have VOIP sex?"

  • Your friends call you with computer problems and ask, "Can I talk to your girlfriend?"

  • Her Palm Pilot can play better music than your Hi-Fi music system

  • She has more software CDs than music CDs

  • She has a USB powered sex-toy

  • When you decided to have a kid, she uses the computer to find out the most fertile minute of her cycle. Then she tells you, "There is absolutely no pressure"

  • When she put “I have the best rack” on her profile she meant rack mounted server

  • She told you, "You had me at Hello World."


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