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Monday, July 17, 2006

Harriet Carter

Apart from the Mad magazine, Harriet Carter catalogue is the most funny book I get in the mail. If you don't know Harriet Carter, they are a mail-order shop with supposedly nifty household items. For some of the items are hilarious and some are down right stupid. Here are some gems from the latest catalogue.

Yep, there is nothing inhumane about blasting ear-piercing sounds into the dog's ears!

If you need a darn focus light to see the hairs, who's going to notice if you leave them there!

Dandy. But what the hell are those things that are coming out of the dog?

It's a product to listen to sounds from long distances, even whispers. Look at the guy's expression. Makes you wonder what kind of conversation he's eavesdropping on.

If you hate your neighbor, place this so that he gets a glimpse of it in the middle of the night. Works even better if he has a pre-existing heart condition.

For $7.85, why can't one buy a real shirt!?



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